We're bringing our servers home!

As a Yorkshire based company we're always proud of "gods own county" and we're delighted to be able to announce that we're relocating our servers to a state of the art Yorkshire based data centre. 

The big move for "Annie" will take place on Tuesday 14th October 2014 starting at 2230 (UTC+1). The process involves shutting down the server and physically removing it from the data centre in Manchester and driving it to the new one near York. It is expected that "Annie" will be back online by 0330 on Wednesday 15th October. Our other servers will be moved in due course and customers will be notified of this. 

Why are we moving data centres?

Well, as well as the new data centre being only a short drive away from Baxter Media HQ, there are a number of advantages. For example, the new data centre uses fresh Yorkshire air to help keep servers cool, reducing air conditioning costs and helping to do our bit for the environment.

We'll also be able to take advantage of faster connections to both the internet, and the internal data centre network. 

Does it have to happen on the 14th October? 

Yes. The move is happening at an off-peak time when traffic to the server is at its lowest. We're also giving over a months notice of this scheduled downtime which will benefit all of our customers in the long run. We know it's inconvenient to have any down time but this move in neccessary to continue providing the best service that we can. If this downtime is going to cause any serious issues please contact us by emailing support@baxtermedia.co.uk so that we can discuss any options that may be available to you. 

Will I notice any changes? 

Well, obviously shortly after 2230 on 14/10/2014 your website will go offline and if your emails are routed through "Annie" you'll stop receiving emails (but don't worry, they should be held until the service is restored). 
The IP addresses used on "Annie" will remain the same and when it comes back online you'll be taking advantage of a new state of the art network and data centre. 

Customers affected will be reminded of the move a little closer to the time. 


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

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