We’re very pleased to welcome web hosting customers of Web Merchant Services Ltd. to Baxter Media. We know you’ll have questions so we hope you’ll find the answer you’re looking for in this post, but if not please drop us an email – hello@baxtermedia.co.uk.


What changes for me?

Well, we hope you won’t notice the difference to your service. The price you pay and the date you renew your domains and hosting won’t change.

Now that you’re part of Baxter Media though, you’ll be able to view your account details, download and pay for invoices, as well as ordering new services from our client area.

How do I get support?

You can email us or open a support ticket at any time of the day. We aim to resolve or respond to every request for help within 24 hours. Of course you can always call us if you’d prefer.

When will I migrate to Baxter Media?
We’ll be carrying out migrations over the course of several weeks. Shortly before your migration you’ll receive an email from us with the login details to our client area, and another with the date and details of the migration. If the date of the switch is going to cause you a problem you must let us know as soon as possible.

You shouldn’t have to do anything, however a small number of customers may be required to update passwords and some settings in email clients.

Will I notice any downtime? 

No. The migration of your website and domain over to Baxter Media shouldn’t cause any downtime.

I’ve got more questions

If there’s something we’ve missed or you’ve got a burning question, just drop us a line and we’ll get right back to you.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

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